Magnaflux EV6000, UV-A lamp, magnetic particle inspection MPI, penetrant testing PT, fluorescent inspection

Magnaflux EV6000

Portable, hand-held UV-A LED lamp from Magnaflux.
Magnaflux ST700, UV-A lamp, magnetic particle inspection MPI, penetrant testing PT, fluorescent inspection

Magnaflux ST700

Stationary UV-A LED lamp from Magnaflux.
Magnaflux UVe-Lux, visible light meter, UV meter, MPI, magnetic particle inspection, PT, penetrant testing

Magnaflux UVe-Lux

Visible light and UV-A meter from Magnaflux - measures both visible light and UV-A at the same time!
Pressure sprayer, penetrant testing

Pressure Sprayer

Portable pressure sprayer for penetrant testing. Metal construction ,brass nozzles, corrosion resistant working parts make it very robust and resistant to chemicals. There are 2 options available: Ni Plated steel construction for oils / solvents & aluminun for water, oils and solvents. Made by SureShot in USA.
Runcheck plaque

Runcheck Plaque

The run check plaque is made of compressed resin that is highly resistant to all solvents,especially chlorinated solvents in liquid or vapour form, that are normally used for preliminary degreasing in the penetrant inspection cycle. The plaques contain two micro defects on one side, appearing as a simple or branched line after penetrant processing. the degree of visibility of these defects at the end of the penetrant inspection process provides a check on the efficiency of the cycle as a whole, as well as that of the products (penetrant, emulsifier, developer) and the related processing stages (cleaning, penetrant application, emulsifying, rinsing, drying, developing).
PSM 5 TAM Panel

Test Panel PSM 5 (TAM 146 040)

Test Panel PSM 5 is made from stainless steel (Ni-Cr) and is used to control a penetration testing process. Download our brochure to check the details.
TAM panel for detectability and sensitivity control

TAM Comparator Plate for sensitivity / detectability control of fluorescent penetrant testing process

TAM comparators are used to measure the actual size of indications identified during the fluorescent liquid penetrant inspection process. Measures indications in increments between 0.010” and 0.180” and meets Pratt & Whitney requirements (P&W Reference - TAM 135273).
Control block, penetrant testing PT

Penetrant Comparator - Aluminum Test Block (ASME Code Sec. V)


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