Drillstring Thread Inspection ACFM

ATI™ - Drillstring Thread Inspection

TSC’s ATI™ array probes cover a wide range of common drillstring connecton sizes. With appropriate adapters fitted this probe can be used to inspect a variety of pin and box threads and has been used successfully on NC38, NC 46, NC50, 4 ½ IF, 6 5/8 Reg, 7 5/8 Reg and HT40 connectors. Probes for other thread forms or pitches are also available. Integral stainless steel scrapers engage in the thread and closely follow the thread profle. The scrapers remove dirt and contaminants from the thread and prevent wear to the thread sensors which are held close to, but not in contact with, the thread.
Rail inspection ACFM

ACFM® Walking Stick™ - rail inspection system

Based on ACFM® electromagnetic inspection technology, the ACFM Walking Stick™ determines the integrity of the rail track by detecting and sizing surface breaking defects in the rail head. The system indicates the defect severity by reporting the crack pocket depth (the depth, in millimetres, of the defect along its propagation angle) and is capable of discriminating between different types of rail head defects such as head checking, gauge corner cracking, squats and lipping.
Axle inspection ACFM

AXIS™ - Automatic axle inspection system

The system utlises the Alternatng Current Field Measurement (ACFM®) technique to inspect the centre secton of a plain freight axle for fatgue cracks in the surface. The simplicity of the deployment allows the AXIS™ to be used in rail depots as a frontline tool for the screening of defects in axles before they can threaten the integrity of the vehicle. For more information, please download the brochure below.


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