Baugh&Weedon Yoke MY-3 electromagnet

Baugh&Weedon MY-3 yoke electromagnet

One of the smallest and lightest magnetic yokes on the market!
Magnaflux Yoke electromagnet

Magnaflux Y1 YOKE Electromagnet

Lightweight (2,1kg!!!) and ergonomic YOKE electromagnet has been made to make NDT operator's life easier. For more information, please download our flyer.
Magnaflux Yoke electromagnet

Magnaflux Y6 YOKE Electromagnet

Heavier version of Y1 electromagnet, which is able to produce even bigger magnetic field!
Permanent magnet MPI

Magnes Stały BY-P2

Pemanent magnet for magnetic particle inspection or other uses
Magnetic test unit MPI

Mobile magnetic test unit DM-mid1500 / DM-mid3000

Self-produced mobile magnetic test unit, which may be used in magnetization by direct current flow (electrodes) or to supply magnetic coils and/or magnetic benches. DM-mid has also a demagnetization feature. Two versions are available: DM-mid1500 (max. output current is 1,5 kA) and DM-mid3000 (max. output current is 3 kA).
Magnetic bench Magnaflux

Test bench units by Magnaflux

In cooperation with Magnaflux, we would like to offer a professional and customizable test benches for magnetic particle inspection. For more information, please contact us.


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