Presentation of a new NDT technology - ACFM® in Grupa LOTOS S.A.


On May 23rd TSC Inspection Systems representatives and our company presented the ACFM® technology to Grupa LOTOS S.A. The aim of this meeting was to show LOTOS S.A. representatives still not well known in Poland ACFM technology. The ACFM technique introduces an alternatng current into the surface of the component to detect surface breaking defects, including very dangerous fatigue cracks. The presence of a crack disturbs the electromagnetc feld and the return signal is converted to data, in real tme, so that the operator is alerted to the presence of a defect. Immediate defect sizing (length and depth) and recording is a major beneft compared to alternatve NDT methods. 

One of the most important advantages of ACFM technique is the possibility to scan through 12 mm thick protective coatings (anti-corrosion or paint layers). It's the main advantage over one of the most popular and cheapest NDT methods - magnetic particle testing, which can be applicated only on coating-free, cleaned surfaces, causing the whole preparing process very expensive. Moreover, MPI works only on ferromagnetic metals, which magnetic permeability is very high, for example carbon steel. ACFM technique can detect defects in non-magnetic materials, which magnetic permeability is low, such as high-alloy, austenitic steels.

The presentation, delivered by dr Mike Smith from TSC Inspection Systems, described the ACFM technique and showed it's possibilities in refinery industry. Particular attention was paid to crack detection and it's growth monitoring in high pressure vessels and scanning of subsea welding joints made by ROVs.

But the greatest interest aroused the presentation of new portable unit made by TSC - PACE™ (read more in TRADE tab). Using PACE™, the process of scanning and sizing were showed. We would like to notice, that every defect was detected, even when the inspected material was covered by almost 10 brochures and a magnetic ruler!  

Koli Co., Ltd. would like to thank everyone for participating and listening to the presentation. In particular we would like to thank Mr Włodzimierz Zaborowski, for great help in organizing this meeting and the TSC team, who prepared and gave the presentation - dr Mike Smith and Mrs Corinna Cuciureanu.

We would like to invite everybody to have a look at ACFM technology and our offer of products in TRADE tab.                                    

Scanning results - 2 defects were found.
Presentation participants listening with interest.