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Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a group of inspection methods (surface and volumetric), which give information about properties of material being tested without changing its structure. NDT examination is commonly used in design, manufacturing and exploitation sectors. The main purpose of non-destructive testing is to detect and evaluate flaws in the material, both technological and exploitation.

We provide NDT services, including surface (VT, PT, MPI, ACFM) and volumetric (UT, UTT, PAUT) methods, as well as inspections, acceptances, technical consulting and supervision. We've also extended our service offer by hardness testing (Leeb method).

You are welcome to get familiar with our offer, which includes:

  • non-destructive measurements and testing (hi-tech included)
  • hardness testing 
  • inspections & supervision on various metal structures during repair and/or production
  • audits of NDT laboratories on behalf of external customers
  • consultancy of required or specific NDT methods legitimateness
  • establishing of acceptance levels and requirements
  • preparation of NDT procedures acc. to relevant standards and/or specifications
  • radiographic viewers checking to EN25580 requirements
  • service for NDT instruments and equipment offered by us
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Head Office - Board

Answering questions, accepting orders,
offering and invoicing

Lotnicza 119 str,
80-297 Banino k/Gdańska,

tel. +48 58 684 86 61
      +48 58 684 86 62

e-mail: kontakt@koli.eu 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KoliNDT/

Branch Office - Service

Servicing and checking
radiographic industrial viewers

Stokrotkowa 14 str,
87-100 Toruń,

tel. +48 56 654 66 27

e-mail: serwis@koli.eu