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There is a comprehensive offer for industrial NDT laboratories as well as quality control or supervisory departments based on representation of worldwide, well known producers
and on our own production:

  • modern and reliable NDT instruments
  • equipment and accessories checked in practice
  • specimens for training and examinations
  • highest quality consumables
  • radiographic industrial viewers and dryers for industrial radiography
  • scanners for examination with UT-Phased Array or UT-TOFD
  • standard and dedicated reference and calibration blocks for UT, UTT, MT, PT, VT, ACFM
  • portable magnetizing units (with pulse magnetization & demagnetization)
  • customized coils and cables for MT
  • reference weight blocks for AC & DC magnetic yokes checking
  • multipurpose pocket weld gauges
  • safety transformers

With our instruments or equipment we deliver certificates of conformity, examination or calibration (when needed). To our consumables we always attach short usage manuals, certificates of quality and conformity and safety data sheets.

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Head Office - Board

Answering questions, accepting orders,
offering and invoicing

Lotnicza 119 str,
80-297 Banino k/Gdańska,

tel. +48 58 684 86 61
      +48 58 684 86 62

e-mail: kontakt@koli.eu 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KoliNDT/

Branch Office - Service

Servicing and checking
radiographic industrial viewers

Stokrotkowa 14 str,
87-100 Toruń,

tel. +48 56 654 66 27

e-mail: serwis@koli.eu