Advanced thickness gauge AlphaGage+


The Sonatest AlphaGage+ is definitely a key asset for inspectors, maintenance operators and QA technicians looking to measure essentially any engineering material thickness as it combines years of ultrasonic R&D into an extremely rugged and perfectly ergonomic hand held enclosure.

It is also a very versatile piece of equipment as it can be used to perform integrity assessments of metal steel works affected by corrosion or erosion processes as well as to measure precisely the thickness of a critical piece of equipment.

Standard features of AlphaGage+ are:

  • Echo-to-Echo functionalities
  • Up to 27 Hour battery life (high-capacity re-chargeable battery pack via the USB port)
  • Change colour and VIBRATE on alarm (ideal for inspections in loud environments)
  • Wide thickness range
  • Inches, mm or μSec
  • Velocity mode
  • Fast Min/Max mode to display actual thickness and minimum and maximum at the same time
  • Gain, range, rectification, blank adjustments with live waveform
  • Datalogger 2 Gb micro SD card standard expandable to 32 Gb
  • Datalogger interfaces with Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple languages


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